Odessa Institute of Agroindustrial Production, Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences

  • Address:
    24, Maytska doroga St., Bilyayivskyi distr., Odesa reg., 67667, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(048) 740-15-78
Director - Mykola O. Tsandur

Main directions of activity: selection and primary seeding of highly productive sorts of vegetables, cereals and forage crops, its introduction in agricultural production. Development of organic agriculture on the base of biologization of technologies of agricultural crops. Production of new breeds, varieties, lines of cattle, pigs and sheep, breeding, improvement of technologies of feeding, introduction (realisation) in the region. Improvement of the system of forage production on principles of growing of intensive green crops. Study of effective ecological receptions of fertility of soils on the basis of mastering crop rotations, optimization of receptions of soil cultivation, programming of harvests, conducting of green fallow. Granting of information-consulting services to the subjects of agroindustrial production.