Cyber Clinic of Spizhenko

  • Address:
    vil. Kapitanivka, Kyevo-Svyatoshyn distr., Kyiv reg., 08112, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 538-03-00
  • Web-site:   
"Cyber Clinic of Spizhenko" is a unique medical centre of such a direction in Eastern Europe. The most modern device with robotic radio surgical CyberKnife® G4 system for cancer treatment is already in Ukraine. CyberKnife® G4 gives the access to those tumors that cannot be treated with the help of surgery, which permits to treat the tumors without pain, without blood and without operation period in the "Cyber Clinic of Spizhenko". Our advantage lies in the ambulatory treatment without the need for the hospitalization.

Even before its official opening, the "Cyber Clinic of Spizhenko" has been approved by the world oncology specialists as one of the most modern clinics among the already existing European ones.