Vashe Zdorovya Editorial Board of Newspaper Ltd

  • Address:
    office 3, 19 A Uborevych St., c. Kyiv, 04211, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 428-02-20
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Editor-in-Chief - Maryna Burmaka

"Vashe Zdorovya" Newspaper (Your Health) is an official printing structure of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Central Committee of Medical Trade Unions of Ukraine. It is oldest and famous medical edition of Ukraine weekly offering operative, scientific and scientific-popular information from different fields of medicine on 16 pages for already 19 years.

Newspaper is oriented foremost to professional specialists and also readers interested in news of national and world medicine, objective information about new technologies in the branch, modern scientific researches and their practical usage.

Newspaper is distributed since 1990 by subscription of Ukrposhta and also by retail in all regions of Ukraine.