Skalko Company

  • Address:
    120, Kosmichna str., c. Zaporizhzhya, 69050, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(063) 265-83-80, (098) 878-07-77
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Director - O. Skalko

Skalko, Inc produces and will realize the large assortment of abrasive instrument on a ceramic copula: polishing heads and circles, polishing and khoningoval'nye bars, and also other types of melkorazmernykh of abrasive wares. The newest technologies and developments are used in a production. We try to conduct individual work with a client, coming from the requirements of production process of user. Application in technology of making of the special ceramic copulas and different napolniteley provides high firmness of abrasive instrument, high exactness and excellent quality of the processed surface.