Company Spetsеtechnology Ltd

Individual building is always requires of financial expenditures. Large calculations some times became dangerous for the potential owners of private homes and they are refusing from own home, garage or sauna. Taking building calculations the question of hearting of building is viewing in the last line.

Sometimes the planned project of entering of gas to the cottage city or cooperative is leaving on the paper; in other cases the quality of central hearting is not satisfying to the requirements of tax payer. That is why we have to find the other alternative version of hearting on this market. Here is the great choice of hearting systems. Many native and foreign producers are promising for heart and comfort. But some of them have a large price, as for others their quality should be better. In total we have think over to make the first and the second unit for our customers. Our company is offering the high effective and economic hearting systems “GALAN” and “BERIL”, which will help customer to save money and escape from problems connecting with maintaining and exploitation.