Argument Law firm Limited Liability Company

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    97-A Zhilyanskaya st, office. 810, c. Kyiv, 01135, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 236-80-21, 451-61-14
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Law and consulting company "Argument" was established in 2004 and has since undergone qualitative and quantitative changes, and has proven itself in the market as a reliable and stable partner, and today, among our clients and partners are the leaders in their industries.

The company today is a team of qualified professionals, representing Clients in various legal fields and industries. The company's activity is based on principles of high professionalism and top priority of Client’s interests, all-inclusive, non-standard approach to solving tasks and timeliness of their completion.

For most effective results, we prefer cooperation with the Client on the ongoing basis, which allows us to analyze Client’s operations and solve problems leveraging an all-inclusive approach. Nevertheless, we have the same approach and attention to those clients who turn to us with a single issue.

We are proud of the results of our work, watching the trend as our knowledge and services provided give rise to the Client, increase its competitiveness and strengthen market position. For us this is the best criterion for assessing the joint work.

Today and always the legal consulting company "Argument" is ready to protect your achievements!