SVEL Ukraine LTD

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    11, M.Raskovoy str, c. Kyiv, 02660, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 581-57-50
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«SverdlovElectro» Group manufactures the following production:
- Сast resin dry-type transformers , with natural cooling, rated from 25 tо 16 000 kVА, voltage class up tо 35 kV;
- Dry-type transformers with air-barrier insulation from aramide material of «Nomex» type rated up tо 12 500 kVА, voltage class up tо 35 kV;
- current limiting reactors , rated up tо 6 000 А, voltage classes are up tо 220 kV with inductive reactance from 0,1 tо 2,5 ohm;
- oil-immersed transformers from 2,5 tо 250 MVA, voltage up tо 220 kV;
- Converter transformers for different industry sectors of any power and voltage classes.

«SVEL Power Transformers» and «SVEL RоsEnergоТrаns» plants? first of all, it is a modern russian manufacture of oil-immersed transformers, current limiting reactors and dry-type transformers, where technical equipment of the leading world manufacturers is installed. Use of advanced technologies, applied on the plants, ensures the highest quality of production, supplied to customers.

The production of «SverdlovElectro» Group meets the requirements and the highest world standards; аnd also develops new prospective directions under the common brand.