The agency on solvency restoration

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    8, Svobodu Sq., of 607 , c. Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 700-01-09
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The agency on solvency restoration is the rallied professional command possessing on traditional and newest legal technologies, capable to serve any commercial projects, using deep knowledge and unique experience in various branches of the right, and to solve the problems put by the Client.

For now our views of activity are:
- write-off or a delay of payment of bank credits of physical persons through procedure of bankruptcy of physical persons – businessmen;
- representation of interests physical both legal bodies in courts and other public authorities;
- preparation and negotiation with creditors or debtors;
- the help in tax planning and the permission of tax disputes;

The Agency on Solvency Restoration renders services concerning protection of interests, both debtors, and creditors during bankruptcy procedure. For the purpose of protection of interests of the creditor the company carries out representation at a stage of pre-judicial procedure and within legal proceedings (preparation of the statement for a recognition of the debtor the bankrupt at a stage of appointment of the arbitration managing director, sanitation and liquidation stage).

We give to our clients a full set of the services connected with affairs about bankruptcy which include search of the optimal ways of returning to creditors their means.