Trophy Trade Company

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    75, Pobeda str., c. Zaporizhzhya, 69005, Ukraine
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    +38(061) 233-58-46
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The company "Trophy Trade" was founded in 2003. Focus of the company's Trophy Trade "is the production and sale of premium merchandise. During our work we have managed to become indispensable for the majority of Ukrainian organizations. The structure of "Trophy Trade" includes 5 departments whose purpose is clear and timely problem solving and respect for the balance of interests between the company and the customer. To date we have successfully cooperated with major international manufacturers of components, participate in collaborative design development and international exhibitions. A special unit of top managers of the market premium merchandise, the biggest choice and the leading order of the price of awards in Ukraine, quality assembly, packaging and prompt delivery to the door of the customer in all regions of Ukraine. Present our company expressed not only in the continuous development and achievements, the important factor is the ever-increasing number of our customers and overseas partners. At the firm's success is influenced not only the hard work of our employees, but also the quality of our products. We want to know every customer that we work with the thought of him.