Sirius, Private Design Agency

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    50, Kovtuna str., c. Kharkiv, 61032, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 756-18-61, (066) 886-71-41
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Equipment for the production of candles
Professional Tool Company "RUKO"
Tungsten carbide products
Laser equipment
Supplies of agricultural machinery and spare parts
Equipment for processing agricultural products
Rotary-film evaporators
Dietary supplement "Kisolan"
Packing equipment
Packaging Machine AP-010
Cleaning Equipment
Centrifugal installation
Gas-cylinder equipment
Refueling equipment
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High-voltage fuses
Rotors to the draft machines
Electrode set
Electrical Products
Equipment for tire recycling
JCB Equipment
Second-hand equipment
Vibration dampers SC 1100
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Metal construction and repair of bulldozers
Energy and hydraulic equipment
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AU control and accounting of the TMC