Astral Company

  • Address:
    Gogolya st., 10a, office 51, c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49044, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(056) 377-25-26, 798-16-50
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Director - Oksana Sergun

We recruit quickly and qualitatively personnel of middle and top management for the enterprises of all types of ownership taking into account all requests and peculiarities of the employer.

We recommend to the customer a specialist able to fulfill a task that chosen for, taking into account not only comprehensive data verification of individual and professional skills, but also characteristics of the director hiring a specialist.

We carry out a purposeful search of elite specialist by request of business corporations.

We prepare the best in our city assistant administrators, secretaries-rewievers, sales managers bearing golden eggs, hard-working, intelligent and talented office-managers, competent and patient human resource managers.

We assist with career-guidance, training, testing and consultation in all directions of human resource management.

We determine inclinations and abilities of specialists and direct them towards the maximum achievements. We actualize requests corresponding to the personal characteristics of director.

Due to the individual approach to our customers, professional skills of our specialists and efficiency of our work, you will get the opportunity to turn the best specialists of the city into your partners and together with them to succeed.

Looking forward to your suggestions for further collaboration!