Superpak Company

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    2, Yasny lane, c. Kyiv, 01000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 209-01-50, (050) 590-76-11, (067) 503-87-33
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We produce and supply the wide range of self adhesive tapes for the use in an office, different areas of industry and domestic use.

We spare the special attention to our tapes, having regard to circumstance that using them, you avouch for end-user high quality of Your products. Our industrial self adhesive tapes are used in different industries:
- production of window profile
- production of PVC and granite window-sills
- a production is a sandwich of panels
- production of stainless steel
- production of metal proof
- production of metallic doors
- production of mirrors of closets-compartments
- production of sandblasted and etched glass
- production of ceramic tiles

For the best providing of our clients self adhesive tapes, we organized storage with a large assortment. Descriptions of the offered tape can be seen on this site, and similarly to familiarize with price suggestion on these tapes.