Com Com Company

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    199/1 Moscow ave, c. Kharkiv, 61037, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 760-19-94
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Company «Com Com» welcomes you, dear customers, on its website, dedicated to the important area of ??air conditioning systems – split systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Currently, more and more difficult to imagine a high level of human life without a comfortable temperature in homes and workplaces. 10 years ago, the air conditioning was an expensive toy, a whim, you could afford one, now air-conditioner – an objective necessity, which can afford each (depending on country of origin, and optional air conditioning split system 2.0 kW power cost from 9,000 rubles to 40,000rubles).
At your service:
- Free consultations technically competent managers;
- check the service quality of each unit of equipment to be installed;
- each installer is trained technically, that guarantees the certainty of 100% as the installation;
- company has its own customer service;
- a system of payment of commissions to brokers;
- teaching a class, where every employee is trained to their official duties;
- Recruitment is hard, the customer is insured against failure of the transaction and dishonesty of the manager.