Universal Company

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    5b, 204 floor, Kudriavskyi Uzviz, c. Kyiv, 04655, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 272-18-31, 362-41-75, (050) 330-99-36
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Director - Tatiana Titova

Team production company "Universal" of successful experience in providing advertising services, since 2000. During this time, highly professional and creative team, has accumulated great experience in working with a variety of orders.

At present, our company is an importer of promotional products from Europe Catalog: M-collection, Voyager, The Сatalogue, Gifts, ITD, Arco, Impression, Promotion & Design, Pro (E) motion, XDX4, etc., and as any other gift products from China and other Asian countries. In these catalogs presented more than 15000 items of souvenir products in four sections:

1. Promotion-souvenirs: Inexpensive pens, lighters, mirrors, keychains, badges Souvenirs are distributed in large quantities at various mass events;
2. Business souvenirs: umbrellas, CD-Holder, pens, tools, tape measures, manicure sets, bags, pen knives, flasks, lanterns, photo frames, clocks, flasks, bags, holodlniki, radio, games, calculators, lighters, writing and desk sets diaries, notebooks, mugs, ashtrays, T-shirts, etc. All that you can give to clients and to distribute the company's employees;
3. Representative products: expensive lighters, watches, expensive pens, VIP sets of leather, wood, metal. All that you can give business partners. The catalog presents a huge list of souvenirs, from the cheapest to expensive. We help you choose and pick up souvenirs for a variety of activities: exhibitions, advertising, promotional and public relations actions, conferences, presentations, anniversaries and celebrations.
4. Application of Business Symbols on souvenirs (pens, folders, diaries, glassware, etc.)

The company's specialists can offer you any advertising services, from simple, common forms, and complex, developed on an individual project, as well as cooperation in various areas:
- Designed for printing (including preflight preparation), 3D
- Conducting promotional events, presentations, parties, etc.
- Production of printed products of any complexity with high quality, including printing on plastic, flexography.
- Large print on all types of materials (paper Blueback, vinyl, banner mesh, oracal, perforated film, plastic, glass up to 1 cm thick) at any resolution;
- Making the Flag output;
- Production of paper and plastic bags of various sizes, designs and weights with drawing up to 6 colors, which allows you to make full-color image (banana, shirt, packing, loop);
- Spatial design and manufacture of outdoor advertising (signs with registration permits, light boxes, etc.), window dressing;
- Mobile, exhibition and presentation equipment (POP-UP design, promotion counter, display, holder of various sizes, etc.)
- Sewing promotional clothing, clothing, textiles
- Heraldry (badges, awards, cups)