Arnaud Ukraine Ltd

  • Address:
    30, Zulyanska str., vil. Ruda, Skvyra distr., Kyiv reg., 09061, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 537-09-87, (050) 451-04-99
Arnaud Ukraine Ltd, a chemical products distributing company, proposes a large range of raw materials for different branches of industry.

Arnaud Ukraine Ltd was created in 1999 as a Groupe Arnaud's subsidiary, a well-known french distributing company, created in 1908, with subsidiaries in Chech, Slovakia, Poland and Rumania. In 2001 Arnaud Ukraine Ltd and its mother company jointly adhered to the international corporation Azelis, a chemical products distributing company including besides Groupe Arnaud several dynamically developping companies from Italy, Great Britain, Germany, France, Central and Eastern Europe. In the nearest future Aselis plans not only a global geographical expansion, but also an important expanding of raw materials range.