AB-Land Company

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    36b, L. Ukrainka blv., c. Kyiv, 01133, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 221-67-21, 360-83-23
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There is hardly an industry that has not felt the effects of globalization - a process that erases borders, both physical and metaphorical. The translation industry has been thriving in the increasingly global world and has seen a mushrooming of translation services of all kinds and caliber. Few, however, have managed to break out of their local markets. What separates us from the rest is our vision of a translation service that transcends borders. We are not content with being a local leader. We are not the big-fish/small-pond type. We aim higher.

We believe that customers who place cost above quality are probably wasting the money they spend. Yet we are able to offer excellent value for money as our principle place of business is Kyiv, Ukraine. This means lower administrative costs, tax optimization opportunities, and other benefits of doing business in an emerging economy, translating into less costs being passed onto the customer. We also make extensive use of CAT tools for consistent translations. And these, too, offer much in the way of cost savings. But since we rely on international language experts for many of our projects not all of our prices are tied to local rates.

At AB-Land we have a strict policy of recruiting only native speakers for all translation assignments. This is in many ways due to our global reach and focus on information technologies. Realizing the importance of a professionally done website or marketing materials designed to win over customers, we spare no effort or expense in getting your texts translated by professional native speaker talents and edited by top-notch style editors who make your texts highly authentic.