Agrofirma Svitanok Private Enterprise

  • Address:
    11, K. Marksa str., vil. Novoselivka, Nova Vodolaha distr., Kharkiv reg., 63209, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05740) 3-83-30
Private Enterprise "Agrofirma Svitanok" is located in the Novoselivka village of Novovodolaga district of Kharkiv region. It was founded in 2004 for organization of crop and livestock production. With a systemic approach to the work, the company was able to consolidate the lands of Novovodolaga district locals and organize own work within one year. Currently, the area of lands which our company rents is 2 500 hectares. The enterprise is fully completed with modern agricultural machinery. The company has its own grain drying complex, storage facilities.
At the beginning of activity the company was specialized exclusively on crop production. Now Private Enterprise "Agrofirma Svitanok" has the status of a stud farm for Aberdeen-Angus breeding. Today the farm numbers 450 heads of cattle, including 172 Aberdeen Angus cows and the young cattle weight reaching up to 200 kg within 7 months.

Our Enterprise does not stop at these achievements. The administration had set a goal to build a modern pig complex with a complete fattening cycle of 24 000 pigs per year. In this direction the investment project for reconstruction of pig farm was prepared and agreed in all instances. The farmyard was taken on a long lease with area of 18 hectares, the future production building were sold to private ownership. The high pressure gas pipeline and electricity was connected to the complex. The technological facilities and sanitary inspection point were restored and prepared to use, the sewerage was laid and the dairy sludge storage tanks were build. Water tower and own warehouses are located in the territory of the farmyard.
The initial steps were already taken to launch the Project: purchase and installation of a part of equipment, purchase a party of sows and boars. Now the farm has 126 basic productive sows, so we can get 2500 pigs per year. By September this year we plan to bring the number of sows to 500, and this will be 12 000 pigs per year.