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TIWELL ASSISTANT LLC is an American company designing and producing calculators, pocket electronic multilingual translators, multifunctional clocks, mini weather forecast stations, MP3/MP4 players and electronic photo frames.

Calculators of TM ASSISTANT are aimed at different tastes.

- Pocket ones may be the size of a flat credit card, or like a trinket with an ultraviolet lamp that allows to use it as a portable currency detector.
- Desktop ones vary from simple, cheap models to models of the prime-class with the metal face panel, very big display and function of checking and correcting data.
- Calculators which print in two colours.
- Special calculators have: USB-port, ruler, clipboard or world-time clock.
- Scientific and graphical calculators vary from simple models for schoolchildren to more complicated for students and especially for engineers, who need not just simple calculations, but multifunctional programmable plots for building calculations.