Coloseum Hotel-restaurant complex

  • Address:
    1a, Chkalova str., c. Khmelnytsky, 29000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0382) 55-93-35, (067) 380-03-35
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Hotel-restaurant complex "Coloseum" - located in the neighborhood "near hrechany" combines not only the best traditions of recreational facilities, but also a splendid reminder of the grandeur of ancient Rome ...

Landscape, which opens in front of you can hardly cross the threshold of the Coloseum, its unique charms. Here are organically intertwined alive - beautiful vegetable filling - and lifeless - the statue of Roman soldiers, gladiators and a central element of landscape composition - the chariot Performed manually.

The unique atmosphere reigns in the halls of the restaurant decorated with unique hudozhevstvennymi painted and sculpted bas-reliefs. Unforgettable experience, you will present music in live performance, and the highest level of service will translate into reality the grand illusion of staying far beyond the monotony of everyday life and the city.

Hunters, fishermen and people who appreciate quality holiday with friends welcome in the hunting bar. Natural wood, stone, wall paintings create a unique atmosphere in which pleasure and a good time for a glass of beer and watch football, boxing or other entertainment.

On the second floor of the hotel is situated, consisting of thirteen rooms of different class, different costs, but surpasses the expectations of even the most demanding customers. You are granted a wide choice of rooms to suit all tastes, as the category of rooms, and stylistic design of each room is special, and each attracts a different way. Do you have a great opportunity to choose the most pleasant interior, in order to fully enjoy a stay in the walls "Coloseum". Another pleasant surprise is the four Suites, stay in that takes you from the city of Khmelnitsky's something in the country's east, then head spin Moroccan silks, the urbanized Your consciousness is closer to the High Teku, the enchanting beauty and eternity of Rome ...

Attic complex on the right grew roots billiard club. Pleasant aroma of this tree, light and relaxed atmosphere will help set up the game. Amateurs and professionals will appreciate the four tables for Russian billiards (12 futov) and one table for the U.S. (9 futov). In the VIP-room awaits lovers of a certain quality game table handcrafted from mahogany for Russian billiards (12 futov).

The complex also is elegant sauna. Water theme is very well highlighted murals, and after the steam room at your disposal showers, swimming pool and large lounge.