Paper and board company, Private Join Stock Company

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    109, Kovelska st., c. Lviv, 79024, Ukraine
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The “Lvivkartonoplast” JSC or “Lviv paperboard mill” in the past, was created on the basis of the manufacturing areas of small mechanical plant. At that time there were assembled two paperboard processing machines, brought from postwar Germany. During the decades of socialistic economy the company was developing intensively, the new workshops, approach lines were built. In 1966 there the workshop in manufacturing of decorative plastic had been built, the only one in Ukraine. In the middle of 70-s the building of wastepaper storehouse manufacturing, marking-preparing section and sewage treatment facilities have been established. Both paperboard production machines together produced about 3000 tons of paperboard per month, in addition there were processed about 4000 tons of wastepaper. The period from 1993 To 2000 – is the period of the company’s recession. This was due to the range of factors of the objective character. The new history of the company began from the second quarter of 2000. During 2000–2002 there sufficient debts were liquidated. There was renewed the production of paperboard. The company’s specialization did not change.
During 2004–2009 our company has been focused on three strategic directions:
- constant improvement and modernizations of paperboard production;
- increasing of the processing of half-finished paperboard (rolls, reels, sheets) into the paperboard tube;
- conclusion to the project power of the technologic equipment for production of hygienic tissue paper.