Ersit, research-and-production Ukrainian-Russian enterprise

  • Address:
    Pozharsky str., 2/10, 301, c. Kharkiv, 61168, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 717-46-77, (0572) 754-33-38
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General Director - Olexiy N. Zmiyivsky

Sphere of business:
- supplies of compressor equipment, systems of pressured air and gas preparation (conditioning), pneumatic equipment and tools;
- production of equipment for purifying and drying pressured air
- energy saving in pneumatic supply systems;
- solution of a wide spectrum of therm engineering tasks for conditioning and gas dehydration (of air including pressured air);

Main produce:
- main humidity separators;
- condensate-tappers for pressured air (gas) systems, vapor systems;
- refregirating, adsorbtive and membrane desiccants of pressured air (gases);
- pressured air (gas) filters of the general and special application (for dust, condensate and aerosols, oil vapor, sterilizing);
- peripheral separators;
- blocks for pressured air preparation for lathes and pneumatic devices;
- end air coolers;
- compressors of wide range of production capacities and producers of basic industrial, medical and special purposes (piston, helical, centrifugal, membrane, of oil-free compression);
- devices to control pressured air;
- vapor filters;
- hose filters for food liquids (beer, wine, beverages, alcoholic beverages);
- equipment to fill balloons for skin-divers, firemen etc.);
- equipment to purify pressured air for respiration;
- peripheral energy saving tower-coolers;
- production and supplies of equipment to produce beer and beverages (beer carbonators, wort aerators, washing heads, grooved pile, kieselguhr filters).

Main services:
- designing pressured air purification and coditioning (preparation) systems;
- compressor and pneumatic equipment supplies;
- start and adjustment works of pressured air preparation (conditioning) systems;
- pneumatic system inspection energy efficiency analysis;
- pollutant measuring and issuing expert conclusion about pressured air quality;
- consulting on wide spectrum of issues on pressured air including international (ISO), European (EN) and national (DSTU, GOST) standards for pneumatic equipment, pressured air quality, parameter measuring methods.
Subsidiaries and representational offices:
- Russia (Moscow, Tumen);
- Belarus (Minsk).

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