Altera group Company

  • Address:
    24, Dzerzhinskogo Av., c. Donetsk, 83014, Ukraine
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    +38(062) 345-57-00, 385-86-89
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Production of a commodity range of the “Altera group” Company is carried out at LLC “Altera” Distillery situated at the very heart of Donetsk city.

“Altera” Distillery is an integral manufacturing complex producing alcohol beverages which consists of 2 administrative buildings, laboratory, work shops – blending shop, bottling department, tare shop, and finished goods department.

The factory was built in 2000. It is equipped with the Italian up-to-date production lines constantly providing with the high quality produced goods. Three production lines provide with uninterrupted manufacture with a capacity of 6000, 8000 and 12000 bottles per hour.

To reach the flawless organoleptical qualities of the produced goods the vodka filtration system is applied both with a classic method, through the charcoal and sand filters, and by means of the up-to-date method of silver filtration in the course of which a liquid structure changes to the molecular level.

At manufacturing alcoholic beverages only high-quality grain spirits from the best distilling plants of Ukraine and only natural components without any aromatizing agents and GMO are applied.

Product quality inspection is carried out at all production stages by the laboratory staff working on quality control over raw material, materials and final products. The laboratory has been accredited by the State Center of Ukraine on standardization, metrology and certification.

“Altera” Distillery staff members have invaluable working experience at Artemivsk Distillery – a legendary factory known even in the Soviet Union due to the quality of its manufactured products, including those ones for the export. This distillery was founded in 1904. For 100 years of its existence it has gathered a unique collection of old recipes and secrets of the traditional Ukrainian vodka production – knowledge which is nowadays used by our manufacturing engineers!

Distillery staff members are constantly participating in forums and conferences of the largest food producers in Ukraine exchanging the invaluable experience with the colleagues and tracing new ideas in the area at hand.

The newest equipment, highly skilled personnel and precise observance of classic recipes confirm high quality of the manufactured products – the quality approved by awards of the prestigious Ukrainian and foreign competitions.