Centroves Company

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    88, Kirova ave, c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49000, Ukraine
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    +38(056) 743-04-54, (0562) 368-53-6
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Company Centroves carries out a full complex of works on reconstruction and installation of truck scales, beginning from inspection of the enterprise and development of the technical project before metrological certification, till legalization, the state tests and input of weights and weight systems in operation.

The great attention we give to manufacture of price-computing scales. The scales are issued in two series: under brand «Centroves» and more budget brand « DV ». Our price-computing and simple weighing scales by one of the first in March, 2010 have passed the state tests in DP «Ukrmetrteststandart» according to new national standard EN 45501:2007 identical EN45501:1992 which it is used in the European Union .These scales are brought in the state registry of Ukraine at number U3013-10.

The banch scales and floor scales from our Company are also very popular .High quality of these scales is confirmed by results of the state tests lead DP «Ukrmetrteststandart» in February, 2009 .By results of tests the banch scales and floor scales from our Company are brought in the state registry of Ukraine at number U2832-09.

The significant segment in sales belongs to sale and manufacture of crane scales. Now on the market of Ukraine are offered both crane scales to series ОСS of the Korean manufacture and crane scales assambled by our company from import accessories.

We saved up wide experience in manufacture and service of laboratory balances. Laboratory balances series FEH, JD, ESJ are used in many laboratories, banks and pawnshops of Ukraine.

Considering specificity of the Ukrainian enterprises and their needs by our enterprise also is issued pallet scales for weighing euro pallets, waterproof scales for work in conditions of the raised humidity, counting scales for calculation of the same details, truck axle scales for definition of loading on an axis of the truck.

Company Centroves provides the all spectrum of services on service and information support of the clients, including preventive maintenance, testing, replacement and adjustment of load cells. Engineers and technicians of the company perform all works on installation and start up of the weight equipment, including all build and test work of weight complexes "on a turn-key basis".

In all regional centers of Ukraine there are sales representatives on sale and service of our weight techniques.

Visit our firm interiors-shops in Dnipropetrovs’k and Zaporizhzh`a where the wide assortment of qualitative hi-tech small-sized electronic scales and the weight equipment as our manufacture and world famous manufacturers is presented. The list of production offered by our Company includes the advanced models of laboratory, medical, price-computing, floor, platform, branch, crane, truck an railway scales .