Orizon-Navigation, State Company

  • Address:
    c. Smila, Cherkasy reg., 20708, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04733) 2-21-08, 2-22-05, 4-22-82
  • Web-site:
The Enterprise manufactures the following GPS/GLONASS equipment:
- Orizon-Navigation OEM Performance NAVIOR-14, NAVIOR-S, NAVIOR-T. Series features a small form-factor designed for stand-alone and embedded applications;
- GPS/GLONASS receivers for the growing range of GPS/GLONASS consumer to marine, aircraft, precision farming, and many other industrial applications;
- equipment for temporary and frequency syncronization allowing to receive a highly accurate time within the world coordinated scale along the Russian standard (UTC SU), GLONASS (UTC GLONASS), US standard (UTC US), GPS systems (UTC GPS) as well as highly stabilized frequency;
- DGPS/DGLONASS equipment in RTCM standard;
- Satellite navigational systems GLONASS/GPS/SBAS

All the above equipment is certified.

Among "Orizon-Navigation" State Enterprise business partners there are: Antonov Scientific and Technological Complex, Kyiv, "Yuzhnoye" Design Bureau, Dnipropetrovsk, "Korund" Design Bureau and "Navis" Design Bureau, Moscow, NSAU, Kyiv, "Hartron", Kharkiv, Aviation Plants in Kharkiv, Samara, Omsk, Novosibirsk - and others.

The State Enterprise "Orizon-Navigation" is located in Ukraine, in the town of Smila, Cherkasy region. Its personnel numbers over 300 persons, including 100 design engineers.