Noxton Technologies Company

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    81, Kosmonavtiv str., c. Mykolayiv, 54000, Ukraine
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    +38(0512) 21-32-20, 76-82-82, (063) 275-44-66
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Noxton™ is a trade mark, the company which develops and advances new technologies all over the world. The technological products, offered today by the organisation, have no even approximate analogues. Noxton™ has concentrated the efforts to creation of various components and materials, which possess various unique properties. In particular, glow in the dark paint ТАТ 33 (light accumulative material) has nowadays the highest index of brightness and duration of luminosity (glowing). Originality of all developed technologies consists in their huge demand in practice. Colour glass mat remains our exclusive elaboration up to now. High standards in company work stipulate creation of the product providing following qualities: long term of use, simplicity in circulation, safety of technology, high commercial or marketing value, flexibility of work with clients.