Proektgidrostroy Ltd

  • Address:
    app. 40, 39, Uspenskaya str., c. Odesa, 65125, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(048) 734-75-41, 734-75-42
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Proektgidrostroy was founded, in 1993, by a group of hydro technical engineers.

Proektgidrostroy is able to produce these kinds of jobs:
- All kinds of projects in the structure of marine transport;
- Production of projects for reconstructions and new construction;
- Engineering researches in the field of marine transport, including works that are done in tough conditions, on sea or in areas with high seismic activity;
- Modeling and scientific research in the region of production of modern port complexes, channels and coast protection structures.
Dredging in sea channels;
- Construction of coast-protection structures;
- Construction of hydrotecnical buildings;
- Clearing of sunken objects;
- This time company done projects not only for specific complex but create ”Concept of deep-water port in Donuzlav Lake”, propose optimal decision to create navigable canal in Danube delta and proposition to build Oil terminal in Vung Ro bay.