DUBNA, Boarding House

  • Address:
    20. Naberezhna str., c. Alushta, Autonomous Republic of Crimea , 98500, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06560) 2-54-86, 2-54-90, 2-54-92
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Director - K. Kostenko

On the 21 of June, 1967, comfortable SPA hotel "Dubna" has hospitably opened its doors to all the guests and visitors, the branch of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR). It has the full right to be called an international SPA hotel as all the different symposia, meetings, seminars and conferences are held annually in "Dubna" with delegates from more than 20 countries world-wide. "Dubna" nowadays is modern health complex with model hospitability, professional medical treatment and European service that guarantees not only the comfortable rest, cheerfulness and your high spirits, but full recovery of your health as well. At your service we have cozy rooms, medical center, dining room, sports facilities, summer dance floor, cinema-concert and conference halls, well-equipped beach. There is also a wireless high speed internet. We always warmly and heartly greet our guests. Our staff shows its sensitive and tactful attitude towards you and your rest, improving year by year medical and recreational conditions, organizing and equipping with modern facilities our territory, increasing the number of services and doing everything to make your rest unforgettable and our meetings warm!