Plasma Company Ltd

  • Address:
    12, Akademik Kurchatov ave, c. Kharkiv, 61108, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 751-87-23, 763-12-46, 763-12-50
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The Plasma Company Ltd® was established in 2002. Plasma Company Ltd® is one of the companies supplying industrial equipment to the Ukraine market and the CIS countries. The company is in wholesaling and retailing.

The basic our directions: chemical production, rubber-technical products, construction equipment, industrial pumps, reducers and motor-reducers, technical fabrics, springs and others products.

Skilful staff of our company is ready to give you an advice on technical performances of the equipment. We are also able to offer you substitutes for out of production equipment. Constantly growing stock of goods at our warehouse ensures fulfillment of considerable part of orders in the shortest possible time. Quality of all our products meets standards, technical requirements and warranty of the manufacturers.
Our company has stable business relations with the Ukrainian and foreign enterprises. We search for the organizations, which create a dealer network or require reliable partners in our region. We will consider your offers.