Eleсtrosnab Trading House Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    3 b, Zeyska str., c. Zaporizhzhya, 69008, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(061) 236-22-24, 236-22-25, 236-22-26, (800) 50-51-01
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Joint-Stock Company "Trading House "Eleсtrosnab" works in the sphere of electric motors more than ten years, being the biggest supplier of wide assortment of electric motors, reducers and the low-voltage equipment of leading Ukrainian and Russian manufacturers:

NP Joint-Stock Company "Elektromash" Tiraspol;

Joint-Stock Company "Podiemtransmash" St.-Petersburg;

Joint-Stock Company "Krosna-Motor" Moscow;

Joint-Stock Company "Sibelektromotor" Tomsk;

Open Society " Rzhev kranostroitelnyj factory" Rzhev;

Joint-Stock Company "ZKEM" Novaja Kakhovka;

AEK "Dynamo" Moscow;

Open Society " Pskov electromachine-building factory " Pskov;

Open Society " Safonovsky electromachine-building factory " Safonovo;

Open Society "Novaja sila" St.-Petersburg;

Open Company "Promfaktor" Krivoi Rog.

Our enterprise supports close production and commercial relations with these enterprises.
Joint-Stock Company "Trading House "Eleсtrosnab" carries out deliveries electric motors for metallurgical, cranes, dredges, rolgan, hardened and common industrial electric motors, machines of a direct current, an electric equipment, brake systems, hydropushers and reducers on the largest enterprises of the Southeast part of Ukraine.

Experts of Joint-Stock Company " Trading House "Eleсtrosnab" participate in all seminars, meetings at the enterprises-manufacturers, and accept active participation in formation of their production programs.

Being the unique sales representative of Joint-Stock Company "Podiemtransmash" St.-Petersburg in territory of Ukraine, we offer wide assortment of the hoisting-and-transport equipment and reducers.

In a warehouse of our enterprise are over 1000 electric motors and reducers that allows us to carry out deliveries within 1-10 days on any enterprise of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries.

Also we offer, on the basis of our branch in a Zaporozhye, to carry out average and major overhaul of electric motors variable both a direct current, and reducers.

Quality of the executed repair work proves with guarantee certificates.