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"Solde-Print" presents Multimedia Shooting-Gallery "Ingul".

To achieve automatism of actions in the conditions which resemble to the greatest extent the tactical situation the employees of the company "Solde" have created the new-generation system of shooting training - the multimedia shooting-gallery "Ingul" (further MSG).

Firing in the MSG is done with a standard tactical firearm on the real-size targets on the 2.5x5m and more screen. For shooting the standard fire-arms (the pistols Makarov, Fort, TT, Stechkin, Zbroevka etc.) as well as pneumatic arms requiring no special permission for purchase are used.

The basis of the MSG is an electronic target which is placed behind the screen and determines with high precision the co-ordinates of the screen hitting after each shot. Thus, during the shooting the gunman becomes an actor of the film in which the plot develops in real time and changes instantaneously depending on accuracy of shooting. The criminals fall down if they are hit or continue to act in the event of missing. The quantity of possible plots and versions of their development in unlimited. The coach can simplify or complicate exercises. The result of each shot is reflected on the screen as a hitting point mark seen from the firing line, also as quantity of points for each shot and for the whole exercise in total.

Besides shooting on films, the MSG incorporates exercises for shooting on immovable, periodically emerging and movable targets. In this case the coach can change the number of targets, duration of target location on the screen, target movement speed.

As targets both round standard and any other pictures can be used, including scanned photos or fragments of video-films.