M.S. Polyakov Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics, NAS of Ukraine

  • Address:
    2-a, Simferopolskaya str., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49005, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(056) 370-26-97, (0562) 46-01-51, 46-24-26
  • Web-site:
    http://geotm.dp.ua    http://igtm.dp.ua   
Director - Anatoliy Bulat

The Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics was established to solve fundamental problems of deep mining for natural resources. The main directions of the Institute’s R&D activities include mining geomechanics and geotechnology and conservation of mineral resources.

The Institute staff efforts are targeted at solving the following problems:
- problems of geological, geomechanical and ecological monitoring of development and conservation of the bowels by determining properties of superstressed rock and rock masses and nature of their deformation and destruction, and developing methods and techniques for effective forecasting and control of these processes;
- problem of increasing efficiency, reliability and safety of equipment and technologies used in mining, handling and processing of mineral resources by means of determining the physical basis and developing the theses of the theory of mining technology processes and mining machines that do not resist various "harmful" factors but utilize them.

Computer system to facilitate management of a mine as a single technological complex
Within the existing regulatory environment, the system allows the manager to control the operational quality of the technological complex as a whole and take timely measures to stop failures, to analyze data bases on failures using adequate mathematical methods and PC, and reveal regularities in failures of different origin.

Computer technology to control the operational safety of mine lifting facilities together with portable microprocessor equipment for its implementation
The portable easily-mountable microprocessor measuring system, which is installed on the operating lifting device for 1-2 hours to register dynamic and geometrical working parameters, and the system data processing computer technology allow to single out accident-hazardous sections and layers of reinforcement and classify them as to the risk level, develop a minimum-cost reconstruction plan, and ensure the required level of lifting safety.

Computer technology to arrange ventilation in underground coal and ore mines
The system is used for ventilation designing, short- and long-term planning for regular and emergency situations, identifying the ventilation system parameters and controlling them.