KIT Research and Production Company

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    87, Henerala Rodymtseva St., c. Kirovograd, 25000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0522) 35-17-10, 35-62-50
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Research and Production Company "KIT" was founded in 1991. Since then the company has been constantly growing, developing its production and services. For more than 15 years (from 1996) our company deals with the development, manufacture and sales of POS materials: hinged, floor-standing, desktop displays; information, presentation, advertisement, exhibition, storage stands; standard and non-standard merchandizing equipment. As well as storage stanchions, stands and shelving units, pallets and racks, cage containers. All that time we have been acquiring experience and skills in treatment of various materials which resulted in our today’s facilities allowing to make products ranging from simple hooks and racks to casting molds and high precision tools.

High quality and contemporary design of our products will meet the demands of the most exacting customers. And the main thing is that utilization of our products bears its fruits. Every year the range of our products increases as well as the number of our partners and clients.

Now the company employs 317 persons and has branches in Kiev and Moscow with the main facilities located in the city of Kirovograd occupying the territory of 4 hectares. Seven years ago the decision was taken concerning the entrance of the company to the foreign markets of the countries of CIS (Russia, Byelorussia, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia), and Europe.