Brok-Trade PE

  • Address:
    46 Moskovskaya street, office 15 , c. Mykolayiv, 54000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0512) 47-30-96
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Our company “Brok-Trade”,PE will organize transportation of your goods in the shortest term by road, air, sea, railway transport on the territory of Ukraine to countries (from countries) of Europe and CIS, will perform customs registration of your goods, will find a buyer or a seller for your goods on external market.

The main activities:
- Customs registration/clearance of goods;
- Transportation of goods;
- Organize preliminary identification of goods in the area of state export control of Ukraine (examination);
- Execution of all required permission documents for export/import/transit of goods;
- Sale and maintenance of software for customs clearance of goods (customs declaration and MD-1);
- Sale and maintenance of software for record keeping in the customs and temporary storage warehouses;
- Sale and maintenance of software for the preparation of commercial documents: CMR, TIR, Invoice, Bill of Lading, Approval Certificate of a road vehicle for the transportation of goods under customs seal and etc.
- Official translation from English into Russian / Ukrainian. (and vice versa).