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Company «PIZZA HOUSE» works market pizza delivery in Kiev and Kharkov in 2008. This is only the beginning, but for us it is very important that you remain happy with the taste of our products and to pizza delivery was carried out for 60 minutes no matter where in the city you are.

We will try to make our menu had dishes for every taste. More than 30 kinds of pizza stuffed with rich and unique opportunity to create your own recipe for pizza . In addition, we offer delicious salads, hot dishes, desserts and beverages . Each dish is prepared only after receipt of the order , so we guarantee that the pizza and snacks will be delivered to you hot and salads - fresh and tasty.

At the same time the cost of meals in «PIZZA HOUSE» accessible to everyone. We also offer discounts and special offers for large orders . Pizza delivery - free of charge. Treat yourself , your family and friends a delicious hot pizza cooked by the best chefs and hand especially for you!

Order pizza you can make in any convenient way for you : online or by contacting our operator on the phone. Pizza Delivery in Kiev and Kharkov carried out within an hour ! We are confident that by ordering pizza «PIZZA HOUSE» once you become our regular Customers.