Agropolyus company

  • Address:
    11, Lenina str., c. Okhtyrka, Sumy reg., 42700, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(050) 364-84-47, (05446) 6-33-77, (066) 542-53-79
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Experts of the company perform the following activities:
- mounting systems for cleaning, drying and storage of grain, small-seeded and other crops which grow in the CIS;
- reconstruction and additional completeness of existing grain processing complexes with grain dryers, transport and gravity equipment;
- repair and refurbishments grain dryers to work on any type of fuel including natural and liquefied gas;
- installation of thermal generators running on biofuels: wood chips, sawdust, waste from the processing of agricultural products (chjpped straw, etc.);
- mounting of grain dryers;
- design and installation of the best options of any cleaning equipment;
- installation of elevators «turnkey»;
- manufacture, mounting and commissioning of electromechanical single-point sampler;
- construction of sinks, GUS, GDC «turnkey»;
- lifting of the GUSes for the passage of the modern grain trucks beneath it;
- repair of DCS;
- production of non-standard equipment;
- design and installation of lines for seed enterprises