Systems of illumination, Scientific-and-Industrial Company, Private company

President - Gennadiy E. Avetisov

Scientific-and-Industrial Company " Systems of illumination " professionally specializes on designing, introduction and reconstruction of systems of illumination and electric networks for various kinds of objects, including objects with special requirements to qualitative illumination.

Our research-and-production company was formed in 1995. For seven years we have developed and introduced more than 150 projects, among which projects for the industrial enterprises, architectural constructions, transport junctions and highways. Since 2000 specialists of the company are members of Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.

On the basis of the detail analysis of the technical condition of power supply and illumination systems on your enterprise, taking into consideration the specificity of manufactured production and production process organization we suggest:
- To develop the project of illumination and power supply system.
- To elaborate the design and technical documentation.
- To develop and product all kinds of advertisement elements.
- To provide delivery of materials and the equipment.
- To execute all kinds of installation works.
- To provide guarantee and service.

We develop and apply systems of illumination on the basis of such important principles:

• Conformity to functional requirements to illumination, high quality of illumination.

• Profitability and reduction of power inputs and maintenance costs for illumination.

• Opportunity for modernization in the future.

The system of illumination, developed by our company, takes into account prospects of future development of the enterprise, differs flexibility and adaptability to new conditions and requirements.

Introduction of our projects allows to reduce power consuming approximately in 2-5 times, to reduce operational and maintenance expenses in 2-3 times.

The system of illumination for us is an optimum decision of Your enterprise's problems with reference to the current conditions and the prospect, which works functionally, reliably, safely.

Decorative - art illumination

A lot of enterprises, companies, organizations, banks have to solve the important problem – the creation and improving of the successful image, corporate style, etc. – all that emphasizes your individuality, advantages, provides the positive public acknowledgement and helps to work successfully in modern conditions.

Special field of company's activity is development and application of illumination projects:

• Architectural illumination for administrative and residential buildings, cottages;

• Decorative - art illumination of city ensembles – the squares and monuments,

• Illumination of landscape architecture, parks and gardens complexes.

Our research-and-industrial company was formed in 1995 by illuminating engineers. For seven years we have developed and applied more than 150 projects. Company's specialists and experts are members of Illuminating Engineering Society of the North America (IESNA), uniting leading experts, specialists from all countries. The company has been awarded by " International Illumination Design Award " in 2001 for the project of decorative - art illumination of architectural ensemble of Privokzalna square in Kharkiv city, Ukraine

We develop and introduce projects of decorative – art illumination on the basis of such important principles:
- The taking into account all your wishes and style of your company.
- Accordance of light design to architectural features.
- Harmonious combination of architectural style and existing environment.
- Economy and effectiveness.
- Convenience and safety in operation and maintenance.

The basic advantage of our projects is the exact creative embodiment of Your ideas and unobjectionable workmanship.

The decorative & art illumination project created specially for your object will allow to emphasize its uniqueness and individuality, to make its recognized and unlike others.

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