Meridian, State Scientific and Production Enterprise

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    211 а, Gagarina ave., c. Kharkiv, 61031, Ukraine
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    +38(0572) 52-80-26, 52-90-03
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Director - Ludmyla Sulyaeva

The Scope of activity
Working out, design, manufacturing, mounting, including technical service throughout the durability of:
- automatic address and non-address systems and complexes of the fire safety. The systems and complexes include: totality of address and non-address heat, smoke, flame, hand-operated fire alert devices in plastic and metal trunks, which may be presented in two modifications: standard and explosion-proof; control the devices of gas, foam, powder and water fire-fighting; modules of centralized storage of the fire-extinguishing substance such as carbon dioxide;
- systems of the automatic control for the technical devices of fire protection (SAC FP);
- automatic systems of commercial record of oil;
- system of ozone electrosynthesis and technology of its application;
- anticorrosive protection of metalware with the operational life from 12 to 20 years.

The systems and complexes of fire safety meet all requirements of national, international and European standards; they have certificates of conformance to the National standards of Ukraine, Russia, certificates of standard approval of Russian Marine Register of Navigation, Certificates of explosion-proof equipment.

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