Capital build group of editions

At the moment we are a team of highly motivated, active people, seeking to effectively develop their professionalism. With help use information we want positively influence the processes occurring in the core sectors of the economy of Ukraine.
Thanks to a balanced personnel policy adopted by the publishing house, our capacity is able to continue to effectively carry out the development plan objectives.
Our editorial department conducts a serious selection of materials for publications, review articles and analysis from the authors, vendors and suppliers.
Content and the objectivity of published materials have been noted repeatedly by our readers as the highquality.
Our design department working at careful and professional monitoring correspondence of our editions to the best examples of modern printing. We are systematically working on the development and implementation of our own recognizable style in our magazines, as well as WEB-projects.
Our advertising department is doing everything possible to customers and partners have full and accurate information about our plans and capabilities of a stable mutually beneficial cooperation. As a result of advertising in our editions and projects, always a sign that accompanies the growth and development of our advertisers.
Our distribution department is working on a detailed database of actual and potential readers, increasing the audience group of editions "Capital construction". He is engaged in planning delivery of our products, as well as, geographical distribution of our editions. We understand that the knowledge about the composition and interests of our audience, are the basis for the effective achievement of the objectives of our advertisers.
Our office management carefully monitors the creation of conditions for the normal functioning of the company and the work of the team.