Empire-Agro LLC

  • Address:
    89, General Rodimtsev st. , c. Kirovograd, 25011, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0522) 35-91-00, (800) 75-75-13
Director - Otsabryk Yuri

In 2007, on the agricultural market of Ukraine, a new company, the name of which - "Empire-Agro". On the first day of the company's founders clearly established mission, goal and strategy of the company.

"Empire-Agro" - the official distributor of the world's companies producing high quality seed and crop protection products.
Through proper and efficient management, well-established system of work, highly qualified employees, the company "Empire-Agro" has become in a short time one of the largest distributors in the field of plant protection, field crops seeds and fertilizers on the Ukrainian market.