Lankvittser-Ukraine Subsidiary

  • Address:
    Parkova str., 14, Yavoriv distr., Lviv reg., 81085, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(032) 243-12-04, 243-12-06, (050) 371-56-69
  • Web-site:   
Subsidiary "Lankvittser-Ukraine " is engaged in wholesale of paint and varnish materials production Lankwitzer Lackfabrik GmbH.

DP "Lankvittser-Ukraine" has extensive experience in the selection of corrosion protection systems. Upon request, the customer SE "Lankvittser-Ukraine" is ready to give advice on the use of paint, go to the customer with paint samples for trial dyeing, to take part in laboratory tests.

Coating materials are available directly from the manufacturer Lankwitzer Lackfabrik GmbH with plants in Germany. In the absence of stock required color coatings, DP "Lankvittser Ukraine 'has the technology, base formulations and« Farbexpress »equipment to obtain a desired paint color (according to RAL).