Etalon ChPTP

  • Address:
    138 km bypass Kiev-Chop, Zhytomyr distr., Zhytomyr reg., 12402, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0412) 25-10-09, (067) 412-15-35
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ChPTP "Etalon" dynamically developing company, which is active in the Ukrainian market of processing of granite since 1997. We cooperate with all, without exception Ukrainian deposits and accumulated a wealth of experience in this business.

You can order products from granite - Facing plate of different sizes, plate coverings, granite tiles, labradorite, gabbro, granite window sills, granite stairs and curbs, granite vases and bowls, memorials and monuments made of granite, split, sawn and sawn-chopped granite paving stones of different colors and sizes.

ChPTP "Etalon" is located in the suburbs of Zhitomir, in the industrial zone of bypass Zhytomyr road, 138 km of road highway KievChop with. Svityn.

Zhytomyr region richest storehouse of natural stone. In the region about a dozen of existing fields, which is mined granite, labradorite and gabbro unique natural colors. You've heard of green granite? You've seen shimmering golden and blue pearl gray labradorite? These wonders of nature in the hands of our masters are transformed into practical and beautiful items made of natural stone, which will delight not only you but also your children. After the stone is eternal!