Capital Law Consulting Law firm

  • Address:
    Sichovih Strilzіvstr., 77, office 511, c. Kyiv, 04050, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(097) 177-19-99
Managing Director - Thor Anatoliy Anatoliyovich

Law Firm «Capital Law Consulting», based in Kiev Ukraine, offers a full range of consulting, legal and advisory services. We provide legal services to companies, businesses, local governments, non profits and individuals. Attorneys and lawyers of Capital Law Consulting have extensive experience, knowledge and skills. Our major specializations – company and business registration, corporate law, civil and commercial law, M&A, environmental law, tax law, property rights, energy and real estate law, public procurement, litigation and arbitration, support for alternative energy projects and energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs), non-governmental organizations and charitable organizations, license obtainment, mediation and enforcement proceedings, business closure and company dissolution in Ukraine.