Proffiz Company

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    Valova str., 13, c. Lviv, 79008, Ukraine
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Director - Ihor Kuzil

Proffiz is software & product engineering company with delivery center in Eastern Europe (Lviv, Ukraine).

We help startups & SMEs to develop great solutions, as well as setup and operate seamlessly integrated nearshore/offshore teams.
The company is founded by the professional team with 14 years of diverse experience in IT industry covering North America and EU markets. We are proficient in enterprise-level projects as well as in innovative startups.

Our primary technology stack is Angular, React, Java, Node.js, .NET, NoSQL, Android & iOS.

We offer:
- Solutions for Startups (from idea validation to market-ready product development)
- Custom Software Development
- Managed Dedicated Teams
- Tech Consulting (architecture, security, SDLC)