Lubnymiaso LLC

  • Address:
    c. Lubny, Poltava reg., 37500, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(050) 305-41-31, 521-95-41
Meat processing plant «Lubnymiaso» LLC unites production facilities for full meat processing technological chain.

Lubnymiaso produces:
- chilled and frozen pork in bulks,
- chilled and frozen pork sides,
- chilled and frozen beef in bulks, beef sides, beef quarters,
- meat offal’s.

«Lubnymiaso» includes his own intensive pig farming in Kiev region, pork processing enterprise, slaughterhouse with 75 000 heads per year capacity.

Total amount of sales is more than 6000 tons for year.

All manufacturing process meets veterinary and sanitary requirements of Ukraine and are under constant control of states doctors of veterinary medicine.