Brovary Vtorma LLC

  • Address:
    135 Kyivska str., c. Brovary, Kyiv reg., 07400, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04594) 4-12-33, (067) 324-24-20, 328-73-38
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The "Brovary Vtorma" company is a modern, fast developing company, which is specialized in purchase, sale and recycling of secondary raw materials and industrial waste.

The company's mission is to transform your production waste in the "eco capital".

The company's goal is by putting a priority on environmental aspects over financial, to become a leading company, which provides a stable support for "green" programs in every possible way.

Our activity lies in the field of purification and protection of the environment, for this purposes we are using a range of modern technologies for processing. The successful implementation of our activities is achieved through a large and well-coordinated team of specialists and professionals because they provide the maximum performance of the company in the conditions of modern economic space and do everything for the convenience of clients and partners.