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    24B Rzhevskaya Str., Smila distr., Cherkasy reg., 20731, Ukraine
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    +38(04733) 2-23-79, (050) 418-67-57, (067) 568-71-71, (096) 110-11-61
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SMELYANSKA HLODNYA - is the biggest enterprise in Ukraine for the production of frozen vegetables and fruits. The volume of production - more than 8,000 tons of finished products per year.

The company works with 2012, our activities focus on leadership in the segment of frozen vegetables and fruits, emphasizing the quality of incoming raw materials and processing technologies on the modern European equipment.

The company has developed and introduced standards HACCP. The company meets the requirements and is certified according FSSC22000 scheme.

Our product is 100% natural method of food preservation (individual shock freezing). Only it allows you to preserve the taste, and more importantly the original structure of the product, do not need to wash, clean, cut and cook faster fresh.

"SMELYANSKA HLODNYA" LLC maintains high ethical business standards. The company employs responsible and motivated people, professionals who love what they do and are always ready to make the necessary products for its client.