Detective agency Berezinets and Company

Detective ahenststvo "Berezynets and Company" provides detective services to both individuals and legal entities, because in some cases our law enforcement is unable to provide quality care to needy individuals, including perfectly gather evidence to be presented to the court and pre-trial investigation in criminal, civil , administrative and economic cases, eliminating guilt or conversely prove the guilt of the other, provide other detective services.
Detective our agency your professional and reliable partner when it comes to research and observations in economic and private sector. We combine experience, confidentiality and speed. You'll finally information and certainty: who made the theft, whether by your observation that damages the company or person actually on sick leave, employees have checking and more. Private detectives can provide information about where and how to spend time your children and other family members, relatives, friends.
Detective Agency "and Berezynets company" operates in. Kiev, Kiev region and in Ukraine.
The main principle and success, detective agency "Berezynets and Company": to provide service of the highest level and to put customer needs above all else, and constantly exceed customer expectations.
Private detective agency Detective Agency activities "and Berezynets Company" based only on the principles of the rule of law, rule of law, human rights, freedoms and lawful interests of individuals and legal entities, professional secrecy, privacy.

Kiev region, Brovary town, street repairmen, 5.
Daily admission: North. - Fr. from 09.00 to 18.00.