Agro Forward Ukraine LLC

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    7d, Zdolbunivska str., c. Kyiv, 01000, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 225-27-10
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We are an import-and-export-oriented Ukrainian company with long-term experience that is able to meet the particular needs of every client. The principal goal of LLC «Agro Forward Ukraine» is to supply agrocompanies with efficacious and high-quality products that meet European standards and correspond to Ukrainian prices at the same time. Due to our both individual and comprehensive approach to each client, we optimize production costs, provide technical services for every product offered and calculate animal and poultry diets in order to reduce unit costs while increasing the productivity. We also promote cost-effective solutions for animal- (cattle-, swine- and rabbit-breeding as well as fur farming) and poultry industries, and aquiculture. Together with European and American laboratories, we give our clients a unique opportunity for composite quality analysis of animal feed.

Why Choose Us. We only associate with reputable producers that are involving innovative technology and scientific methods in the production process, release high-quality products in accordance with legal EU and American standards and requirements.

What We Offer. We can come up with a wide range of products from European and American producers with their decades of experience and proven effectiveness. We offer sales of:
- feed preservative (SilagePro)
- cereals and pulse crops (wheat, barley, corn, oat, soya and many more)
- cereals and pulse crops by-products ( sunflower cake, soyabean cake, brewery mash, sunflower meal, bran, soyabean hull, soyabean meal, corn concentrate, soya oil)
- feed additives (proteine additives - dry porcine blood, hemoglobinpowder, blood plasma powder, feather meal, fish meal, porcine meal 50%, 60%, poultry meal 60%, Mucopro powder, potato proteine and many more; aminoacids, minerals, antioxidants, pellet binder, vitamins, enzymes, monopropylene glycol, feed acidifier)
- disinfectants
- food additives
- chicken meat of Ukrainian producers in accordance with Halal standarts
- premixes
- concentrated feeds
- PMVA( proteine mineral vitamin additives)