Trident LLC

  • Address:
    10, Ivan Sirko str., c. Sumy, 40035, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0542) 60-42-42, (067) 266-12-12
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The main activity of company “Trident” is a production and supply of replacement parts (bearings of sliding, bushings, rings, and rubber details, and others.) of mechanical seals of pump equipments in Ukraine and abroad, used by companies of the extraction, transportation and refining oil, machine-building plants in the field of pumping equipment, the food industry and many others.
the "Trident” company manufacture bearings of sliding (couples of friction: rings, plugs) to mechanical seals from various wearproof materials:
- carbide of silicon (SiC),
- siliconized graphite;
- antifrictional graphite.
- other types of materials.
Our capacities allow to make rings and plugs of various sizes and a configuration.
For order a rings of sliding (plugs) it is necessary to send the drawing (sketch) of a ring (plug) to our address, it is also desirable to specify material of a detail, working condition (temperature, a working environment, frequency of rotation of a rings, pressure) and the demanded quantity.