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South Cardboard Ukraine Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    Kosmonavtov str., 81/30, c. Mykolayiv, 54028, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0512) 67-43-45, 67-43-48
  • Web-site:
The limited liability company South Cardboard Ukraine was founded in early 2010. In this same year 2010, a contract was signed with the Chinese company Jingshan-Mash for the supply of equipment, namely: corrugator with a working format of 2200 mm and a speed of 170 2/min, as well as Mini Line, Mid Line, rotary die-cutting, flat die-cutting BOBST, obmascik-palletizer Signode.
In may 2011 there was a launch of the equipment. Today LLC South Cardboard Ukraine produces corrugated packaging total volume 5 500 000 2, which is 55% of maximum power. The company plans to divide geroprotector on two sites, the market was divided into two parts, namely the Central part covers LLX PONINKOVSKAYA KARTONNO-BUMAZHNAYA FABRIKA and the South-Eastern part of the market of LLC South Cardboard Ukraine!

Company LLC South Cardboard Ukraine is a member of LLC OBEDINENNAYA KARTONNAYA KOMPANIYA